Our mission

Bazookka wants to help interns, graduates and junior professionals to find their dream job. We connect them in touch with cool, transparent and fun employers where they can learn, develop their skills and be happy while gaining experience. Bazookka, with its artificial intelligence algorithms, will propose you the best candidates for your company.

How it started

Our founder Sam, was tired of seeing her students getting lousy internships, where some employers were not giving to structure and support they were supposed to. Some students were even treated like second-class employees. This resulted in interns suffering anxiety, stress, lack of motivation that brought them to drop out of school or even second-guessing their career choice to a point of changing careers.

Sam thought that she had to find a solution. A few years later, Bazookka was born. And we are now a team of 18 people working to give you the best work and internship experience.

Our values

  • Integrity is a must: Do your best, even when nobody’s watching.

  • Keep it simple stupid: We don’t like to complicate things, so we don’t.

  • If it’s not fun, don’t do it: We should all do things that we love. The tasks you don’t like are  always somebody’s passion, leave it to them.

  • Teamwork: Teams that work together, stay together.

Meet our collaborators

Prizes and recognition

1st prize
Elevator Pitch
National Bank Award

StartupFest 2019

Jury’s choice award
Elevator Pitch


Deloitte QC 2019

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Winner of

Quebec representative at the major meeting of young entrepreneurs from Quebec's Francophonie

Lojiq 2019

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