Terms and conditions of use

These terms and conditions constitute a contract between the user of the Bazookka.com website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website” or “Bazookka”) with respect to the use of said Website.


IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE BOUND BY THIS CONTRACT, PLEASE BROWSE OUTSIDE THE WEBSITE WITHOUT DELAY. The terms and conditions of the contract may change at any time and will come into effect automatically.

1. Acceptance of the Terms of Use

By using the services offered by Bazookka, you accept these Terms of Use and any changes that may be made to them. It is strongly suggested that you periodically review these Terms of Use to be well informed and to accept updates to these Terms and Conditions.

2. Services offered by Bazookka

Bazooka.com is a platform (web application) that brings together all internships available in Canada; it allows employers and recruitment agencies to recruit interns and employees and allows newly graduated students to find an internship or job. Bazookka also works in collaboration with schools and training centres for the supervision and placement of trainees. Bazookka provides detailed job and internship descriptions from several companies and organizations. Bazookka also offers service providers and companies a powerful tool for the promotion of their service offers and employment opportunities.

3. Copyright and trademarks

It is forbidden to use the logo or information contained on the Website for commercial or advertising purposes or to increase the volume of visitors to another site without Bazookka’s prior written consent.

Bazookka and other names, logos and icons related to Bazookka’s products and services are registered trademarks. Unless otherwise specified, nothing in our service should be construed as granting you any right to use Bazookka’s intellectual property.

You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, broadcast, represent, reproduce, publish, license, transfer or sell any information, software, product or service obtained from the site, or create works derived from the elements listed.

4. User name, password

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password. Bazookka cannot at any time be held responsible for any unauthorized use of your account. In the event that the confidentiality of this information is compromised, please contact Bazookka by email as soon as possible to avoid any possible fraudulent use of your identity. Bazookka shall not be liable for any damage or loss resulting in particular from failure to comply with the security measures set out in this section. 

5. Use of online communication services

You are solely responsible for the content of the communications you post through our service and the consequences of such communications. You may not use this service to promote or offer the sale of any goods or services, conduct or send any studies, contests, pyramid schemes or chain letters, spam, hacking, solicitation or any other act for illegal purposes. You are also prohibited from performing acts that could infringe the rights of others or the use of the service for third parties. Activated services and packages must be used within the time limits prescribed by your package. No refund will be granted for unused services.

6. Limitation of liability

Search engines, directories and content are offered free of charge by Bazookka without any guarantee as to the accuracy or availability of the content made available to users. In addition, Bazookka makes no representation as to the completeness of the research results. The information contained on the Internet is constantly evolving, as are the sites that present it. As a result, it is impossible to update at any time. Bazookka cannot therefore be held responsible for the lack of exhaustiveness of a search or the lack of accessibility of a given site.

In addition, Bazookka cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information transmitted over the Internet and cannot be held liable for any damage caused by its disclosure. You therefore assume full responsibility for this.

You hereby agree that Bazookka shall not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, resulting from the use of its services. You further agree that all information on our sites is provided as is without warranty of any kind as to the accuracy or reliability of the content.

7. Network security and efficiency

Bazookka does not guarantee unfailing efficiency and safety. It is not impossible that a hacker may succeed in entering the server. In no event shall Bazookka, or any of its board members, be held liable for acts of computer hacking or be blamed for any damage or loss that may be caused to a user of the “website.” 

Please be aware that the Bazooka website and Services may experience occasional disruptions and some programming errors may be caused by updates or events beyond the control of the administrators.

Neither the members of the Board of Directors nor any member of the organization may be held liable if a member is unable to browse the “Website” for any reason whatsoever (e.g., incompatible web browser, faulty cables, etc.).

8. Intellectual Property

You retain all copyright on the content you submit to the Website. However, you grant Bazookka a license to use this content for distribution and promotion purposes. This license is granted to Bazookka by the sole act of transmitting your content to the Website and is offered free of charge, non-exclusive and for continuous use. This license includes, among other things, the right to use, reproduce, copy, in whole or in part, and display the content on the Website, except where expressly excluded.

You also agree that Bazookka reserves the right to remove information from its network if the content is deemed inappropriate or in violation of these Terms of Use.

9. Behaviour and representations on Bazooka

By accepting these Terms of Use you agree to:

i. Comply with all applicable laws and their regulatory requirements;

ii. Provide accurate information and keep it up to date;

iii. Use your real name on your profile and in your postings on our Website;

iv. Demonstrate professionalism.

and you agree not to:

i. Create a false identity on the Website, create a profile for someone other than yourself, and access and/or use another person’s account;

ii. Disclose confidential information that you are not authorized to disclose;

iii. Violate the intellectual property rights of other users of the Website (for example, use their content without permission);

iv. Publish any defamatory or false information about Bazooka;

v. Publish anything containing viruses or other harmful and/or dangerous code.

10. Failure to comply with the Terms of Use

These Terms of Use are put in place to protect our users and to maintain quality of service. Any failure by yourself to comply with these Terms of Use may result in the immediate termination of your contract and the termination of your account with Bazooka.

11. Termination of contract

You and Bazooka may terminate this agreement at any time by sending an email notification. Upon termination, you lose all rights to access and use the Bazooka Website and Services. 

12. Applicable law

This agreement on the terms of service is governed by the laws applicable in the province of Québec. You hereby acknowledge that any dispute arising out of or in connection with the use of the services and website of Bazookka shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of the district of Montreal, province of Québec.

13. Compensation 

You hereby agree to defend Bazookka in the event that legal action is brought against Bazookka as a result of a breach of these Terms of Service by you or any user related to you.